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The Rutgers Business Law Review (RBLR) is a scholarly journal published by an institutionally-accredited student group at Rutgers School of Law - Newark. RBLR focuses on business law and related topics, and is published semi-annually.



RBLR was formerly known as the Rutgers Bankruptcy Law Journal, and later as the Rutgers Business Law Journal. As of May 31, 2011, RBLR acquired its current name. In concert with the evolution of its name, RBLR has expanded from its initial focus on bankruptcy into a broad interdisciplinary business law journal that provides an academic forum for serious research, analysis and exploration of current legal trends affecting business. Past issues have featured articles covering antitrust, bankruptcy, corporate, contract, real estate, securities, tax, and administrative law, among other topics.


2020-2021 Editorial Board


Kristen Scully (Newark)

Alexis Gambale (Camden)

Managing Editors

   Kristen Rothe (Newark)

Bao Ngo (Camden)     

Notes Editor

Andrew Weiss (Newark)

Lee Coltrick (Camden)

Articles Editor

Kevin Lenihan (Newark)

Kyle Walker (Camden)

Business Editor

Jacob Greendyk (Newark)

Technology Editor

Alena Hyatt (Camden)

Symposium Editors

Damilola Onifade (Newark)
Emmanuel Magriples (Camden)

Senior Staff Editors

Esteban Flores

Adam Hansen

Kevin Li
Timothy Middleton

Mallorie Thomas

Thomas Volz


Juan Aguilar
Michelle N. Arreola
William J Chun
Dorian Deen

Juan Estrada

Alex Felker




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