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Past Events

2022 Spring Symposium 

The Future of Cryptoasset Regulation

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On February 16, 2022 from 4:00 - 6:00 pm, we will hold "The Future of Cryptoasset Regulation" symposium. This virtual event will address recent regulatory developments in the crypto and fintech space, the need for further regulatory reform, and guidelines for shaping that reform. The featured speaker, former Chair of the CFTC J. Christopher Giancarlo, will discuss the role of various regulatory agencies, including the CFTC and the SEC, in addressing the challenges of crypto and other financial innovations. He will also present his book "CryptoDad: The Fight for the Future of Money."

We'll also be joined by Lawrence V. Lewitinn, Drew Propson, Lee Schneider, Maria T. Vullo, Prof. Douglas Eakeley, Prof. Yuliya Guseva, Prof. Kristin Johnson, and Prof. Steven L. Schwarcz.

The panel of practitioners will focus on an overview of regulatory developments and discuss possible regulatory and legislative initiatives in 2022. The concluding panel of law professors will discuss the SEC and its enforcement initiatives, stablecoin and central bank digital currency regulation, and crypto-exchange regulation.

This event is co-sponsored by the Rutgers Center for Corporate Law and Governance, Rutgers Business Law Review, and Rutgers Institute for Professional Education.
2021 Spring Symposium 

Game Over? Alston and the Future of Fair Pay to Play Statutes

NCAA v. Alston, which was heard by the Supreme Court in March, will decide whether the National Collegiate Athletic Association eligibility rules regarding compensation of student-athletes violate federal antitrust law. Led by Rutgers Law School associate dean Camille Andrews, the panel includes experts in the field of antitrust, sports, and intellectual property law, this discussion will consist of a breakdown of the Alston case and the effects the Court’s decision could have on the current state-level Fair Pay to Play legislation. The panel will also discuss the varied approaches individual states have taken to compensate student athletes and analyze the advantages and disadvantages associated with allowing student athletes to benefit from their name, image, and likeness. Attendees will leave with a greater understanding of the origins of NCAA antitrust litigation and the rights granted to student athletes under these new laws.
Sponsored by Rutgers Business Law Review and Rutgers Center for Corporate Law 
Date: Monday, April 5, 2021, from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Panel Members:

Camille Andrews - Professor of Professional Practice of Law, Rutgers Law School


Michael Carrier - Distinguished Professor of Law, Rutgers Law School 

Jeff Poulard - Assistant Athletic Director of Compliance, Rutgers University


Arthur B. Weiss, Esq. - Attorney and Licensed NFL Agent

Juwann Winfree - Wide Receiver, Green Bay Packers

2020 Fall Symposium 



This program will discuss the nuances of New Jersey’s Proposed Rule regarding the fiduciary duties of financial professionals within the state. Led by Rutgers Law School professor Arthur Laby, the panel includes experts in the field of securities law and fiduciary duties. Attendees will leave with a greater understanding of the origins of New Jersey’s Proposed Rule, the scope of the new fiduciary duty, and to whom the duty is owed. The speakers will also draw comparisons to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation Best Interest, enacted in June 2019, as well as similar proposed rules in Nevada and Massachusetts. The panel discussion will conclude with an analysis of the potential outcomes of the New Jersey Proposed Rule, as well as best practice tips for legal professionals regarding how their clients may be impacted by the Proposed Rule. This program has been approved by the Board on Continuing Legal Education of the Supreme Court of New Jersey for 2.0 hours of total CLE credit.

Sponsored by Rutgers Business Law Review, Rutgers Center for Corporate Law and Governance, and Rutgers Institute for Professional Education
Date: Monday, October 19 from 4:30 PM to 6:15 PM
Panel Members:

Hasan M. Ibrahim - Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, Prudential Advisors


Arthur Laby - Professor of Law, Rutgers Law School, Co-Director | Rutgers Center for Corporate Law

and Governance

Amy B. Bard - Law Offices of Amy B. Bard


Christopher W. Gerold - Chief, New Jersey Bureau of Securities


Jenice L. Malecki - Malecki Law

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